Not only Moschino is inspired by the food chains and culinary experiences, we are too! Vanidad wrote an article featuring Patricia Nicolas as one of the trend-setters of the fast food fashion. I am honored to have been recognized, but even happier to share my pieces. They were so much fun to make, and I hope they're just as fun to wear! 

Wearing these pieces could replace getting fast food at 2:00 am in the morning, so let's not clog our arteries, and be fashionable instead. Obesity is a big problem in society today, and fast food is one of the culprits, (in addition to lack of exercise). We need a new way of looking at fast food, and why not as wearable products? Just some food for thought! 

Recommended watch: Super Size Me (2004) 


It's a rainy tuesday, and motivation has never been as necessary, as on this gloomy morning. Every now and then you need to get rid of the old, to make space for the new. While going through a few old pictures, I came across a photo taken of me, by Viktor Vauthier which gave me some inspiration (first picture). Let your ideas run free, maybe you should consider getting a new hair color, or maybe redecorate! Maybe you should do some exercise to get one step closer to that cool butt you want. Either ways, here is some inspiration to tickle your motivation and forget about the precipitation!

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. - Teddy Roosevelt 

Llevo años conociendo las tiendas Papaya.  Tienen diseños propios como sus famosas Neon Boots y de otros creadores que personalmente nos fascinan. ¡Y ahora nuestras piezas han llegado a las tres tiendas!
No os lo podeis perder… 
Enjoy ;) 

Papaya Stores Madrid
C/ Juan Bravo, 2. C/Juan Bravo, 26. y Moraleja Green

 Once upon a time, there were fields of gold all over the Kingdom.
The fields were so beautiful that nobles and royals would travel for miles and miles, just for a glimpse. You see, the fields of gold were covered in golden tulips. This is not all, the golden tulips had big beautiful eyes.

They saw everything and everyone that crossed the Kingdom. These fields were destroyed hundreds of years ago, but there is still one field left. Show support for the once beloved fields of gold and wear an eye necklace.
Bring back the kingdom!!
You might just become a noble yourself.

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Good morning!
 Let’s begin the countdown for the scariest day of the year, yes, Halloween.
When celebrating Halloween, I am encouraging you to enter into a pumpkin carving competition. Get into the spirit, get competitive, and if you want extra luck, wear this spider necklace! Your competitors are sure to feel defeated and run away.
But run away from you, or to our online store?….

October is here

Desert of Sahara

 The princess of Sahara lives in an extreme climate. She lives in hot, dry, windy and sunny conditions. You might think her life is easy, because she’s a Princess, but it is not. She lives a life just like you, and like me. Except, she always wears her hair piece. Do you have a hair piece? It’s pretty much the only thing separating you from her. 

 La princesa del Sáhara vive en extremas condiciones. Vive en un ambiente muy cálido, seco, un sol radiante y mucho viento. Podéis imaginaros que su vida es muy fácil, pero no es así. Vive como tú y como yo, excepto que ella siempre lleva joyas en el pelo. ¿Tienes joyas para el pelo ?. Probablemente sea esto lo único que la diferencia de nosotros... 

¡Acabamos de lanzar nuestra nueva colección!

Princess Advice: It’s not about the diamonds you wear, it’s about the diamond you are on the inside!

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